Welcome to Dhamma Hut, a daily journal for practical Dhamma enthusiast and anyone new to Buddhism. Our purpose is to spread love, joy and happiness in lives through Dhamma. Everyday we hope to bring a digest of a Dhamma and apply that knowledge into practical daily situation.

Dhamma Hut will provide you Dhamma based on Buddhist teaching, mainly Theravada Buddhist Tradition but it is not limited to it.

That said, Dhamma Hut hope you enjoy your visit. We encourage comments and sharing if you find the content useful.

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukkhitatta ~ May All Beings Be Happy


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The Author

Hartono was born in taoist family but it was 2014 that he started learning and practicing Buddhism intensively. He had participated in several retreats and experienced living in monastery for more than a month.

Hartono is a freelance graphic designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. His latest qualification is Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Graphic Design. He is, also, a part-time night auditor in a major hotel chain in Auckland.

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  • Four truth that change my perspective of life - The Noble Truth is the first Dhamma explained by The Buddha to His Disciples. It consists of:
  • What is Dhamma? - This question is common when we start learning Buddhism. What is Dhamma? Dhamma (in Pali language) or Dharma (in Sanskrit language) has a lot of meaning. Does it mean the truth? Does it mean the Buddha’s teaching? What is it actually? I see Dhamma is the umbrella term of all the truth as well as the Buddha’s teaching and […]
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